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Drinking the ink from my pen... - Cut Out + Keep [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Cat Morley

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Drinking the ink from my pen... [Aug. 8th, 2010|12:52 pm]
Cat Morley

We started our Adventure Saturday yesterday with some chips from Mr Fish in Queen's Park, which Mitch had told us is the best chip shop in London. They were very good and I managed to nab 20 chip forks so I can make this Tatty Devine necklace.

We picked up an iSpy London book to help us with our adventures. We're hoping to get it finished by the end of the year but it gave us the idea to make a grown up's version with fun stuff like: get your photo snapped at Rough Trade or drink bubble tea in China Town.

Fist we jumped on the newly reopened East London Line. I know East is a bit old fashioned but we weren't expecting people to be dressed like this... hehehe!

We headed down south where we found Railway Avenue...

which had the Brunel Museum on it. The museum was really cute and only cost £2. The Brunel tunnel was the first underwater tunnel beneath the Thames. It first opened as a shopping arcade and they held a banquet in it. Today the tube runs through it.

Tom liked the train bench that was outside.

There was an awesome bridge one too.

We were in luck as it was a special day  at the museum where they were giving people train tours of the tunnel and letting them go down in to the old entrace hall. This was the first time it had been opened in 140 years and we had to squeeze through a little mine entrance and climb down a rickety staircase. It was really cool inside though!

Afterwards we went on the hunt for a Cockney cash machine which Ben from Leap had told us about. We found one but they don't support Cockney as a language option anymore, so we couldn't withdraw any bangers and mash.

We wandered around East London for a while.

We spotted a weird fish lamp...

and this dragon, which I love!

We decided to head out even further East and got the train past Stratford, where the Olympics was coming together nicely!

Eventually we got to Lakeside shopping centre, where we got to be mallrats and it felt like being back in West Edmonton Mall - my Canadian home away from home as a teenager. They have gumball machines...

and Taco Bell! I think it may be the only one in Britain.

The food was just as good as I remember and just as cheap - a hard shell taco is only 79p.

Just like I would have done in Canada, we went for a snoop around the pet shop after which had super cute bunnies.

The rest of the animals were all snoozing.

This hamster was really cute.

After shopping for a while and Tom not letting me get him an I Heart Omaha t-shirt, we went for dinner at Old Orleans. A restaurant on a fake steam barge which looks similar to the one we actually saw in New Orleans.

The food was really good, we ordered burgers with diced home fries, corn bread and a pitcher of Hurricane (which wasn't as strong as in Nola). The person next to us ordered food that came out sizzling with a huge cloud of smoke steaming off it.

Afterwards we had more cocktails. I went for a Louisiana Jam which was Southern Comfort, apple juice, sourz, apricot jam and mint served in a jam jar. Jam in drinks is actually really nice. Tom had a Bywater Bramble which came in a glass with a scary face on.

We found a copy of Flair Magazine which has a photo of our bed in it - I was very sleepy by the end of the day and wished I could be back in it.